Paging with Digium Phones

We have Digium phones and have recently removed the last few D70s from DPMA control. We are using Endpoint Manager now.

Since removing the receptionist’s D70 from DPMA control, paging no longer works. I assume that Digium phones still don’t support Multicast (went round and round on this a couple of years ago) and so I am not clear on how to get a basic paging group up and running with these.

We have a mix of D40, D50 and D70 phones. We have a couple of Yealinks and other brands around and they are working fine with the basic paging setup, but we are 98% Digium.

Bumping this because I had failed to categorize it. We are using the commercial EPM and so hopefully this is the right category.

Hi @swalker2001

I just tested using FreePBX 12 and 13 with Asterisk 13 with a Digium D50 configured with EPM. Both paging and intercom work as expected.

If you are having issues, suggest you post the sanitized console output from a failed page or intercom call so we can see what’s up.

Nobody can read that mess. Put it in with the cr’s intact, and edit your post with a link. Also a good description of the actual problem you are seeing beyond ‘no longer works’ would be a good idea too.

That’s what I was afraid of. Try this: Failed Paging Log

The phone in the paging group rings about one and a half times then goes back to idle. On the side initiating the page, it seems as if it should be working–I dial the paging extension and then hear a beep like and the call stays open on my end until I hang it up. But the phone(s) in the paging group have already gone back to idle and nobody hears the page.

However, the few non-Digium phones we have in house do hear the pages.