Paging Volumes

If I do a page from a Sangoma s206 the volume output to my overhead speakers is very quiet. If I use a VOIP app on my phone that is bound to the same extension as the Sangoma, it is very loud. Is there something about the Sangoma that needs to have a volume boost? Anyone else experience anything like this?

Not specific to paging, but I’ve had to boost the input volumes on all Sangoma brand phones. People calling in weren’t hearing us before I did this, both through our SIP trunk & during direct extension-to-extension calls. I used the basefile editor to change P249, P20083, and P20084 to boost the microphone volume for the handset, speakerphone, and headset respectively. These settings are exposed through the phones GUI, but the settings don’t seem to stick unless done on the server. The same thing behavior has been observed on S305, S405, S500, and S705 phones using firmware versions from .57 through .72. Non-Sangoma phones do not have this issue.

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