Paging two groups with one dial number

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to paging two groups with FreePBX using one dial number:
The first group is an interior group (10 IP Phones), dial number ‘1000’.
The second group is an exterior group, prefix and dial number ‘92000’.
How can with one number paging these two groups.
The picture below will help you to more understand

Set up a third number as a Ring Group and put both 1000 and 92000 in it?

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Ring Group and Paging Group use only extensions and both number are Paging Group.

Create an extension of type ‘custom’ and use a dial string of:

local/[email protected]

Where the x’s are the page dial number. Then add this new custom ext to the page group.


It’s finally work
Thank you

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Least we could do as a reward for the spectacular artwork you provided. :grinning: