Paging time limit

Hey there!

Quick question…One of my clients uses FreePBX for their phones as well as well as for class bells and announcements. We recently added some pages for active shooter, fire, tornado etc. Most of the recordings are about 30 seconds long. I want the recordings to be able to continue playing for several minutes, but 2 things: FreePBX says I can only play the announcement 3x (1.5 min). The alert tone is where I have our message selected. Under the tone box, it states that the announcement duration should not exceed the default ringtime (advanced settings) which is currently at 15 seconds. How can I increase the time these play? Should I just make the recording 1.5 min long so I can play it for 4.5 min? But how would that work with our ring time being so short, would it cut off at 15 seconds?


I have not done this, but the most straightforward way to me seems to be an increased duration recording, as you suggest. Might be faster to test with the ring time than wait for an answer on the fourm (or test while you wait).

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