Paging remote extensions on a different PBX

I have two PBXs running FreePBX Distro, version 5.211, connected over an IAX trunk. PBX A with extensions 1XX and PBX B with extensions 2XX.

I would like to create a paging group on PBX A that will ring some extensions from PBX A and PBX B. How can I do this? I only have an option to add extensions from PBX A.

Thank you!

Try making a virtual extension on PBX A that points to the page group on PBX B. You could also try a custom extension but I have never tried it.

A bit late for the reply back but found some time to test this.

I created an extension (# 110) on PBX A with a follow-me to point to a paging group (# 210) on PBX B.
If I call extension 110 directly, the paging works and intercom all the remote extensions on PBX B.
However when I put this 110 extension into a Paging group on PBX A, it doesn’t work.

Any advices? How can I set up a paging group on PBX A that pages extensions on PBX A & PBX B?


Easiest way that i can think of would be to use outbound route…
Say Page group on PBX B is 410, then create a outbound route with prefix 5 then pattern match 410 and send via iax2 trunk.
Then dial 5410 and it should send 410 over the iax trunk which will activate the extensions on PBX B

You can then make that a misc destination and you can assign a misc application to that where you dial a single digit and it will dial 5410 which will page PBX2 users :slight_smile:

I use this same thing to test inbound routes on customer systems.
I have IAX2 trunk between my system and customers and have prefix rule
For example -
Prefix 5 Pattern xx.Trunk is IAX2 to customer PBX
If i dial 5101 then extension 101 on customer pbx rings
If i dial 57777 then it simulates an incoming call to the pbx and i can follow routing and listen to what customer is hearing as if I dialed in (but without paying for the phone call :slight_smile: )

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply pezzz. I am not sure if I am following along here.

In your example, not only do I need to page the group on PBX B (410), but I also need to page the group on PBX A at the same time.

So… paging a group, it needs to page extensions on PBX A & PBX B at the same time.

That won’t be easy, paging works by sending SIP invites to the paged extensions. The extensions you have on PBX A are not available directly as SIP endpoints, just as destinations you can dial through your outbound routes on your IAX2 tie-line, so they can’t be in the same Page Group

Sorry, I misread the part where you wanted to ring both page groups simultaneously.
As Dicko said, I don’t think that could be done.

Thanks pezzz and dicko for your time. I guess I can put this to rest.