Paging question - simple yes or no answer is fine

FreePBX 2.8.1
Elastix Distro

I have a customer with the above setup and they have paging configured (it works fine) but they want to know if it is possible to display the extension of the phone that initiated the page on all other phones.

Is this possible, I’ve searched the internet and have not been able to find an answer, but if someone knows for a fact whether it is or is not possible, I’ll either continue searching for the answer or tell them it’s not possible.


anyone? is this even possible?

Sorry no support here for Elastix, they forked up FreePBX a couple of years ago, maybe get help there ?

How about in FreePBX/Asterisk… is it even possible… I hardly use the Elastix GUI and use the embedded FreePBX anyway… can’t stand elastix

Almost anything is possible, My aastra phones seem to show that information, but unfortunately the aastra xml scripts are no longer supported nor maintained by Aastra nor FreePBX. Much like Elastix :wink:

Seems any system with RPID enabled is going to display the extension.

Scott and Dicko,

Thanks for the answers