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I’ve been using FreePBX since 2013. It’s been great. Until now all i’ve needed is really phone calls inbound and outbound. However, now i’ve come to a stage where I need to implement announcement speakers into the system. I’ve got speakers and everything all sorted out. I can call a speaker’s extension and say a message. However, I need a slightly more advanced paging facility where I can schedule recordings to play at given times to different groups. I came across Paging Pro which seems to sound like exactly what I need. The paging pro website says: Scheduled Pages – Define custom schedules to have the system page a group of devices and play a recording. This is a great replacement for school bell systems or lunch break buzzers.

This seems like exactly what I want. However, I think this might be relevant only for new versions of freepbx is that so? On my FreePBX web UI when i click on system admin, it says PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-14 and PBX Service Pack:

Can I not install Paging Pro on this? what are my options please? Is there no demo available to try out for paging pro? It’s $95 for 25 year license but if someone wanted to test it out beforehand to see if it works for them is it not possible?

2.11 is long past end of life. As is its successor, FreePBX 12. Your priority should be to get on a supportable version, which shouldn’t be that hard. You can set up a new 15 system, update all modules and then restore a backup from your existing 2.11 system. 15 is the first version that supports legacy restores.

So just to clarify: I set up FreePBX version 15 first update all the modules and then restore from my old 2.11 version? Will this restore create all my extensions and IVR and inbound outbound rules etc?

It should. There are still a few quirks in the legacy restore function, so you will have to test everything to make sure.

I’ve gone to my old system under the new backup there is an option that says backup items as pictured in the screenshot below. What do I add there?

It depends on what you want to move over. For everything select full backup, system audio and voice mail.

Thank you. I just installed v15 and updated all the modules. Paging Pro says enabled Commercial. There is no seperate section for Paging Pro. There is only the normal paging and intercom option which doesnt have the pro features. Is there any way to try out the Paging Pro before buying it?

No. Free trials are processed in the portal just like any other module purchase, but only for select modules. Paging Pro is not one of them.

So how do you actually buy Paging Pro then? in the Module Admin there is no Buy button and when I log in to the portal there is no Paging Pro option. Just the option to buy phones.

Also, if i select full backup, system audio and voice mail and when I restore it on v15 will the IP address and everything on the new V15 change to match the old system? The reason I ask is because both the systems are online and as soon as I restore the backup if the IP changes on the V15 to match the legacy system then will everything start trying to route to the new V15?

Once upon a time, the existing IP address information was preserved on a backup and restore, specifically for the “warm spare” configuration. With the new B&R code, I don’t know if it still works that way.

Hi @john2k and @cynjut

Backup and restore does not include system IP details so when you take the backup from one system (primary) to another (secondary) the system IP will still remain the same. Only the FreePBX configuration from the primary system is restored into the secondary system.

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Hi @john2k

You can login to portal and navigate to “Store --> Products --> FreePBX Systems and Software --> FreePBX Commercial module license” and you can find option to buy commercial modules for 1 year or 25 years.

Is there a way to only backup and restore extensions? I tried to do a full backup and restore and it was running for over an hour then it said exceeded timeout or something down that line

Hi @john2k

In FreePBX 15 you can backup and restore single modules(like core - consists of extension, routes,trunks or ringgroups or queues) but in the versions prior to FreePBX it is not possible.

So can you please tell me how I can restore my full legacy backup on V15 without getting this timed-out issue. The backup file is about 370MB

Hi @john2k

Delete your /var/spool/asterisk/backup/uploads/ folder and try uploading the backup file from the GUI and the upload should happen without any issues if you are not having any network issues as we have tested with larger files upto 1GB without any issues. If you are still facing issues with GUI please upload the backup file from backend and run “fwconsole backup --restore /backupfilepath/backupfilename” and it will restore your backup

I’m trying to re-install 15 on a new vm machine. I have to select the Guests OS Family and OS version that FreePBX 15 iso is. Last time I chose CentOS 7 but that didn’t match. Can you tell me what version FreePBX 15 runs on

EL/Centos 7

That’s what I originally selected, but it was giving me warning saying guest OS doesnt match actual OS. Below is a screenshot of the Guest OS settings i’m selecting. Is this correct?