Paging Pro Query

As I have found out, the default paging on Asterisk pretty much nears collapse if you try and have it page 300+ extensions at a time.

Would using PagingPro, or some mode of it like say the airport valet style, get around the large qty of extensions issue, or would that still remain even with the commercial module?

I have learned the hard way that you can run the OS out of resources if you hand it to many phones to communicate with at once. If PagingPro still has this limitation, any ideas for large scale paging, outside of multicast? As I need to communicate across several remote locations as well…

I thought you were going with multicast and we had put this issue to bed?

Paging pro won’t change anything.

Oh I do have multicast up and running at the main location (again thanks for the tip), just we are bringing in some remote locations, and shy of doing multicast routing, or restricting things to one location, I will hit a few limitations.

In the end, I will have two PBX’s, that cover about eight different physical locations, some over ethernet, some over VPN’s, and one routed across the pond as they say. It’s been an interesting project for sure, and plenty more to go.

I just wasn’t sure if using the Paging Pro brought any (non-multicast) enhancements to the table as far as capacity. I suspect in the end I will have to use a combination of multicast and conventional paging to get it all done…

The limitations are with Asterisk not the FreePBX GUI, therefore there is nothing the Paging Pro module can do to fix the problem.

Understood, as I personally watched Asterisk/Linux run out of resources and have a cow a couple times where it required a reboot, and realized this was just not going to work. Even on a 64bit SMP system…