Paging Pro: No sound on Multicast Page

I have same issue with GXP2130. I tested a little bit further and find out that partially FreePBX must do worst than it is already.

With Page Pro multicast isn’t working (with GXP2130) either announcement nor live talk afterwards. If I use an extension custom entry like
exten => 881,1,Set(ANNOUNCEMENT=custom/soundfile)
exten => 881,n,ANSWER()
exten => 881,n,dial(MulticastRTP/basic/,10,gFA(${ANNOUNCEMENT}))

the live stream after announcement works. Yealink T23 has same issue. The announcement isn’t working either. Concerning announcement I got feedback from Yealink. This is missing timing info in RTP stream, what is an Asterisk issue. Some phones like Snom or Yealink T42 have other hardware which can handle the missing time.

FreePBX uses confBridge instead of “dial”. confBridge seems to have same timing issue while dial delivers it correctly.
Rds, Enrica

I would report a bug with asterisk on this. We have to use conf bridge as we can mix unicast and multicast since paging module can be with both.

Thank you Tony. I posted it to Asterisk and just for information for all readers it’s already fixed in next release (6th June 17) see:

I hope that’s it and that this release will be in FreePBX distro soon.

Hello @tonyclewis,

Is there a roadmoad to fix it in FreePBX 13?

Thank you.

No this is not a FreePBX issue but a Asterisk issue so you would need to watch Asterisk tracker for when they release this fix.

I’m wondering if this might still be an issue. I’m struggling with something which seems very similar.

I am using FreePBX and ~60 Yealink T42S and T46S IP Phones.

Multicast works fine when I do it directly from the Yealink IP Phone using the Multicast Paging Dsskey option in the IP Phone UI - but when I try to use the FreePBX Multicast option in Paging Pro, this happens:

  1. All IP phones wake up
  2. All IP phones play the alert tone
  3. No other sounds if I speak
  4. After about 7 seconds, all IP phones hang up

Could this be a Multicast codec issue? Some version of the issue being discussed here? Something else?

Any help would be much appreciated.

There’s troubleshooting information in this topic.

Please gather all necessary logs and info and create a new post.

G.711 is the recommended codec, from my experience.
Also make sure if you have multiple switches that multicast is set up properly. Not all switches default to the correct settings.