Paging Pro Licensing Cost question

Paging Pro is advertised as $95 for a 25 year license. So do I simply pay this $95 only and then renew it again in 25 years? how does it work? is there any hidden costs

That module currently has two licenses available, the one-year license or the 25-year license.

  1. The one year license must be renewed each year, but includes support, and is less expensive than the 25-year license.
  2. The 25 year license will work for 25 years, but after the first year, support must be purchased to get updates and access to Sangoma support in case you have a question or problem about it. In other words, after the first year, it’s only a license to use the module, but not a support license or license to update the module.

Thank you. so if i purchase the 25 year license I am not required to purchase the yearly support license? I could just pay the $95 and use paging pro for 25 years without paying anything for 25 years?

Yes. But you would not receive any updates after the first year. This may mean that it won’t work with later versions of FreePBX. You’ll need to pay a yearly fee to continue to receive updates after the first year.

Is there somewhere that prospective buyers can see what that support fee is in advance?

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