Paging Pro Bell issue after latest module and system updates

Asterisk 14.7.5
PBX Firmware:12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

Well I have been using PAGE PRO module for a long time now for all my school bells… Have them on schedules and teachers can also manually ring the bells by pressing a speed dial key programmed to the paging number associated with the bell, wait till they hear the chime start (usualy took a second) and then hang up. Chime would play over intercom and then disconnect the call.

I updated all my modules and system updates yesterday and then my problems started.

So first thing i noticed is my scheduled bells weren’t working… so i went to investigate…
I tried dialing the bells paging number.
Bell started to play over intercom, I
I hung up
Bell STOPPED instantly,

SO this is an issue that needs to get fixed…paging pro no longer plays the bell audio file until its finished… it disconnects the bell as soon as the person who rang the bell hangs up…

so that is also why my schedules bells aren’t working.

1 - Roll back to the previous version.
2 - File a Trouble Ticket.

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