Paging Pro announcements not hanging up

I’ve got an odd one here…

I’m running FreePBX Distro with Page Pro Version 13.0.25 in the Stable track.

My issue is thus:
I create a page group, use a system recording as the announcement, set to force-valet to mitigate a feedback issue we were having in the building, assign our overhead paging devices as the endpoints, and save. When I call the new page group, it works, except it won’t hang up the call. The call gets answered, the announcement plays, ends, and then silence, but the call is never disconnected. I have to use bridge kick to end the call from the Asterisk CLI in FreePBX. I changed the Paging Pro settings to enable ‘drop silence,’ with no effect. If i change the announcement back to default, no problem. Using System Recordings is when I start having problems. Even calling the page group and talking for 10-20 seconds then disconnecting has no effect on the hangup issue.

Oddly, hitting *80[extension] works like a charm and hangs up every time like it should.

Has anybody run into this issue before and what can I try to fix this? We want to announce certain pre-recorded messages throughout the day, every week on a schedule. I just don’t know why it doesn’t disconnect after the announcement finishes.

hi, did you ever find a way to end the call? I am trying to do the same thing.


Well, on my system I was able to use the Asterisk CLI to identify the call using ‘bridge show all’ and copied the bridge id number, then used bridge kick [bridge id number] to terminate the call. Paging pro does not like playing announcements without the operator speaking and locks up for me every time. It’s too bad because that would be a nice way to play seasonal announcements at a mall or something.

Your results may vary.

Can you explain a little more of what exactly you did to accomplish this? Thanks