Paging not working

I have a mix of Aastra 6755i / 6757i and PolyCom 501’s. I have accepted I will never get paging to work on the Polycoms. For some reason I can not get paging to work to the Aastra’s either. I dial *80ext# and all that happens is I hear one ring, then Asterisk play the busy signal.

Do I have something configured wrong? The Aastra phones are set up not to auto answer, This might be a reason, but I do not want the phones to automatically go to speaker when someone calls. With the exception of pages.

I believe that you are asking about intercom, not paging. An ‘intercom’ call connects to a single extension, which auto answers in speakerphone mode and allows two-way conversation. A ‘paging’ call connects to a group of phones, all of which automatically play your announcement through their speakers. The called phones cannot reply.

My guess is that you need to adjust the incoming intercom settings in the phone; see p. 3-26 of .

If you still have trouble, post a SIP trace of a failed intercom call.

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