Paging not working with custom context

Hi, Im using the Freepbx Distro with FPBX 14 and asterisk 13
Paging and intercom
Custom context 13.0.3

When I use a custom context on an extension, that extension can no longer dial any of the paging group numbers
When I remove the custom context and use the default allow-all, the paging group numbers work again.

The custom context has ALL internal dialplan rules set to ALLOW

However I notice that there is no entry for app-pagegroups in the custom context at all, so perhaps that why it doesnt work!

Has someone forgot to add app-pagegroups in custom contexts?? If so how do I get it added manually?

What do the logs or CLI show when you dial from the failing extension?

Hi, I’ve have a similiar issue and i’v found If i add a new paging group number , the context [ext-paging] is added into extensions_additional.conf but it doen’t appear into any of the custom context admin menues. In fact, if i insert manualy the new contex with this command “insert into customcontexts_includes_list value(‘from-internal-additional’,‘ext-paging’,‘ext-paging’,0,51)”, it is shown me into de custom context admin and custom contex and then i can asigned it to a extension and this extension work fine.
Oddly, if i delet the pagging group number, the context [ext-paging] is deleted form extensions_additional.conf and from the table customcontexts_includes_list automaticaly.

So, the customcomtexts_include_list is updated automaticaly when i deleted the last paging group number but not when i created the first. Then, If i wish it work, i should do again what i described above.
Somebody have any tip to fix what i describe which to want it share with me?

Custom context module is not supported by the FreePBX team and a 3rd party module that last I knew nobody was maintaining from the community anymore.

It’s not a “FreePBX” maintained module, so it looks like you’re going to have to dig in and start coding.

On the other hand, I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do with the module. Perhaps if you explain the problem you are trying to solve instead of the problem with the module, we can help you figure out an easier way to solve this.

Tlewis, Thanks for your answer.
One question, Is there a replacement of this module?

Cynjut, Thank for your interest for mi issue.
I wanted the custom context module would be actualizated automatically when i did any change on paging groups then i would be able to managing this new feature on alll context that i have.
But, at the light of this reality, I should do manually like i explained above.