Paging module - caller-info

Good afternoon. Is there any way within the paging module to insert caller-info into the call setup? My phones are ringing once before answering, and according to the manufacturer (Grandstream), they want to see:
Call-Info: answer-after=0

But unlike some of the other modules, there’s no field for me to insert that.


We do a lot of intelligence to figure out what the phone is, so we send the right stuff. If things aren’t working, that’s a bug.

What versions of FreePBX Framework, Core and Paging are you running?

Look at you, to the rescue again. I feel like I’m going to owe you a beer (or a whole case). :smile:

Framework: 12.0.13
Core: 12.0.9
Paging Mod: (Not Paging Pro)

Grandstream 3240/3275 - current beta release (though its been that way since before the phone was even out yet). Phone does a complete ring cycle before answering, so you’ll hear (Ring), then a beep tone, then the announcement. The delay isn’t presented to the person executing the page either, so they may start talking and not know they’re not being heard yet.

Beer is always welcome :sunglasses:

Hmm. Is it a PJSIP or a CHAN_SIP endpoint? Which sorta ties into my next question, which is ‘I forgot to ask what version of Asterisk you’re running - is it 12 or 13?’

I re-wrote a pile of the paging stuff for Asterisk 12 and 13, so it’s probably my fault if stuff is broken 8)

It has done it on both 12 and 13, and on Chan_SIP and PJSIP. When I was beta testing these phones, we were using Asterisk 11, I believe

Well, let’s look at Asterisk 13.

Can you please do this:

asterisk -rvvvvvv

Make a paging call

Paste the entire log here!

If you wrap it in pre or code tags, it won’t look messy

That’s the important bit. I looks like I’ve added an extra ) in there somehow!

Edit: Uh. No. No, that’s right. Strange.

So, here’s a problem. Ther should be < uri > before that semicolon, but it’s getting stripped out by the forum software. So I can’t see what’s really going on.

How about you pastebin the log somewhere (like and link to it here?

Ok, THAT is awesome - hadn’t heard of that before, but me likie…

Well. If you look at line 102, you can see the header is being added.

I’ll need to dig up a grandstream phone and see if I can duplicate the problem.

I noticed that - and I like that its doing some analysis of the phone type - very slick. :smile:

I’m wondering if this might be a defect in the phone’s firmware - its the newer 3240/75 units, which have been horribly buggy even during the beta trials. I’m going to try connecting a 2130 and see if its any better.