Paging mode not respected. Active calls put on hold for page with Cisco/Linksys handsets

I am seeing paging put active calls on hold to page through. We have page mode set to skip, though the behaviour happens when set to force or whisper as well. It appears that this is the expected behaviour for FPAGE, but we don’t have it configured that way.

This is present for our FreePBX 13, and a new FreePBX 14 install we set up to test. This is on a Linksys SPA962, SPA942, and Cisco SPA508G We have tried with both available conference apps and the issue persists. I’m hopeful that someone out there may be able to help guide us to the desired behaviour.

Please let me know if there are any further details or logs that may be helpful, or any steps you would like me to try out.

Thank you!

The issue was the CW or call waiting setting on the handsets themselves. Once this was disabled all worked as intended.