Paging - Is this possible-"Do not sent pages outside between 10pm and 8am"

I know in Paging Pro, you can schedule closing announcements, like bell schedules, etc. That is not what I need.
I have a paging group that pages the inside warehouse and the back loading dock. I also have another group that just pages the warehouse. Of course, employees just use the first one and blast pages out in the loading dock at all hours of the night.
Is there a way to do a time-condition like schedule that will not send pages to the loading dock between 10pm and 8am?

sip or multicast page ?

haven’t tested this yet but think this may work if you are doing sip paging as opposed to multicast

two page groups , one with outside … one without

a misc application defined that you give out as the paging extension , then direct that to a time condition that triggers one or the other sip paging destinations ?

sounds reasonable - test it


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