Paging is Silencing current calls

When paging is used it silences any calls already ongoing until the paging announcement is finished.

any initial ideas???

Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.15)
FreePBX Framework
Paging and Intercom

I noticed that you have 52 members in your page group. It may simply be that that is too many. I dont have any page groups near that big, but I have seen some discussion where large page groups have had unpredictable results.


I’ll bet you have Force Paging to busy Extensions set to enable.


exten => ssetup,1,Set(_SIPURI=)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_ALERTINFO=Alert-Info: Ring Answer)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_CALLINFO=Call-Info: ;answer-after=0)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_SIPURI=intercom=true)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_DOPTIONS=A(beep))
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_DTIME=5)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_ANSWERMACRO=)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(PAGE_CONF=${EPOCH}${RAND(100,999)})
exten => ssetup,n,Return()

exten => _PAGE.,1(SKIPCHECK),Macro(autoanswer,${EXTEN:4})
exten => _PAGE.,n,Dial(${DIAL},${DTIME},${DOPTIONS})
exten => _PAGE.,n(skipself),Hangup

exten => _SPAGE.,1(chanspy),ChanSpy(${SP_DEVICE}-,qW)
exten => _SPAGE.,n,Hangup

;–== end of [app-paging] ==–;

exten => 900,1,Goto(app-pagegroups,900,1)

exten => 900,hint,Custom:PAGE900
;–== end of [ext-paging] ==–;

exten => 900,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => 900,n,Set(_PAGEGROUP=900)
exten => 900,n(busy-check),GotoIf($[${TRYLOCK(apppagegroups900)}]?:busy)
exten => 900,n(devstate),Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:PAGE900)=INUSE)
exten => 900,n,Answer
exten => 900,n,Gosub(app-paging,ssetup,1())
exten => 900,n,Set(PAGEMODE=PAGE)
exten => 900,n,Set(PAGE_MEMBERS=100-101-220-221-222-223-224-225-226-227-228-229-230-232-233-234-235-236-237-238-239-240-241-260-300-301-302-303-304-305-306-307-308-309-400-401-402-403-404-405-406-407-408-409-410-412-501-502-503-601-602-603)
exten => 900,n,Set(PAGE_CONF_OPTS=1doqsxm)
exten => 900,n(agi),AGI(page.agi)
exten => 900,n(page),MeetMe(${PAGE_CONF},doqwxAG,)
exten => 900,n,Hangup
exten => 900,n(busy),Set(PAGE${PAGEGROUP}BUSY=TRUE)
exten => 900,n(play-busy),Busy(3)
exten => 900,n(busy-hang),Goto(app-pagegroups,h,1)


;–== end of [app-pagegroups] ==–;

Nope they are set to skip.

With 52 phones you are far better off doing multicast paging if your phones support it.