I have 3 Algo 8180 units that I am connecting to FreePBX to use as intercom/paging units. I will be created a intercom and paging group for these three phones. My question is, is there any way that I can set it so that somebody has to dial a PIN when they call any one of the extensions before their voice is broadcast?

I need some way to lock down these units so that not everybody can access them.

Thank you in advance for your help

The obvious thing I think of is to change the ‘paging’ feature code and only tell people who are allowed to page what the feature code is. It doesn’t need to be *80, that can be changed in Feature Code Admin. Make it 8675309 or something!

Ok, thank you. I will try this tomorrow. Is there any way to lock down the individual extensions?

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There is a commercial ‘Class of Service’ module that allows you to do that.

According to the webpage and video regarding the Class of Service module, it does not prevent one extension from calling another extension. Am I missing something here?

That’s correct. Most phone systems expect people to be able to call each other, so it’s not that often a requested feature :sunglasses:

This is true. However, I only want certain extensions to be able to call the extensions for the Algo 8180 paging devices. Is there any way to do this?

Give them a long random extension. Assign them to a Ring Group, and then limit access to the ring group! Tadaah!

Well on the paging page it says

*80nnn: Intercom extension nnn
*54: Enable all extensions to intercom you (except those explicitly denied)
*54nnn: Explicitly allow extension nnn to intercom you (even if others are disabled)
*55: Disable all extensions from intercom you (except those explicitly allowed)
*55nnn: Explicitly deny extension nnn to intercom you (even if generally enabled)

does that not *55/*55nnn work for you either?

Those are paging DEVICES, they don’t need to be paged as such. So they just appear as an extension, you don’t need to *80 them.

That’s where my original confusion came from.

Paging and intercom are essentially the same thing to asterisk , try it . . .