Paging & Intercom not working

I am running Freepbx (all updated) and have not been able to figure out how to get group paging working. I have been able to get the intercom working.

Nothing happens when I dial the page number. The phone just goes back to the default screen (we are using GXP2000).

I’ve tried everything I can find via google but nothing seems to work.

I checked the logs and I consistently see this line

WARNING[21722] pbx.c: No application ‘Page’ for extension (from-internal, 600, 2)

Just had the same issues myself. So here’s how we resolved it:

  1. Just an FYI that Group Paging DOES NOT use *80, you simply dial the page group you created.
  2. The phones have to support that feature and DADHI must be running for group paging to work, but not for single page (*80xxx).
  3. We had to provision all of our Polycom IP phones for both the group and single set paging to work. Now they all boot from the TFTP server.
  4. Make sure once that’s all done, that you allow each phone to actually receive intercom calls (*54), as shown in the Paging and Intercom screen in FREE PBX.