Paging groups

We would like to set up emergency paging. I noticed that the suggested page group number is 40 extensions. Is there a module , free or commercial, that will page a group of 40 phones then another group of 40 phones and so forth till all the page groups are done? We want to page about 1200 phones in a higher ed environment. The consensus is they do not want to make 30 pages at 40 phones each to cover all the phones. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

Ed Kohler
Network & Systems Engineer

Investigate multicast paging, if your phones are compliant, then you can do all 1200 at once.

Thanks, We are still running FreePBX 12 in production, possibly upgrading to FreePBX 13 in the summer. It looks like that will work with our polycom phones. Thanks for the info, that helped and we will implement that on the change to 13.

Thanks again,


IIRC multicast paging has been working since like Asterisk 8. You should be good to go now.

For it to work , your routers between sites need be configured to forward/route mutlicast messages