Paging Group Issue


we are running the latest FPBX 2.9 on Asterisk, with snom handsets

We have a paging/intercom group setup for around 30 handsets.

When someone dials the paging group it all works correctly. However when the originator hangs up, the other phones remain offhook for another 10-20 seconds before hanging up the call.

Is there any way to ensure that as soon as the originator hangs up, then all the other phones also hangup as soon as the paging has ended?

Have you tried setting up a smaller paging group and seeing if the same problem persists? If it doesn’t, I’d suspect a network congestion or server speed issue. Fix your network or get a faster server.

Its nothing to do with the server, its a dual core 3Gb with 2Gb ram.
Network is fully managed switches, and only handsets connected.

Im sure its not so much an issue with smaller paging groups BUT thats the point, this is a large paging group of around 30 handsets, but it can take 10-20 for the phones to disconnect once the page originator has hungup!!

With that many handsets you are better off using the phones built in Multicast paging option.

Sounds like you could be right.
We are using snoms and I know they support multicast, just dont know how to do it from freepbx

Any ideas how you can setup a page group to do multicast?

You don’t use FreePBX.

Just setup a multicast key on the phones and assign all the phones a multicast address (the same one).

Per RFC 3171 use the local control block for you assignments: