Paging extension times out?

i have a paging group made up of some polycom ip301 and 501’s with two overhead poe speakers from cyberdata

i can speak to the paging extension for approximately 5 seconds and then it dies - nothing in the CLI explaining this

any ideas on what i could look at to determine the issue ?

I have the same problem (with GXP-2000 phones). It hangs up after a few seconds.

Asterisk and freebpx 2.1.3

smells like a bug … i wonder if its asterisk or freepbx related

i havent done much debugging of this sort but i’ll read up and post anything i find looking into it

I am the one who began the thread on the Digium forums. I am having the exact same problem, and I don’t use FreePBX. The problem seems to be Asterisk related.

If anyone figures anything out regarding this, please post!! I’ve spoken to MANY people, on the forums and in #asterisk on IRC, and no one can seem to figure the problem out.



Looks like the paging application is setting a 5 sec timeout when it adds extentions to the meetme room.

[code:1] Launching MeetMe(1152417328d|mqxdw(5))[/code:1]

I created an extension which uses the same command and the same thing happens.

[code:1]exten => 4400,1,MeetMe(4400|mqxdw(5))[/code:1]

Change the 5 to a 10 and you get hungup on after 10 seconds

[code:1]exten => 4400,1,MeetMe(4400|mqxdw(10))[/code:1]

So does anyone know how or where to change the Page() command source or config or am I wrong about the problem?

Not sure why it is there but in the source for the app_page application is where the timeout was set. I removed the (5) from app_page.c at line 182 and then rebuilt asterisk and now paging doesn’t timeout anymore.

I spoke to someone at Digium, and this has been submitted as a bug. Developers are going to begin working on a solution.

Check the forum thread at Digium regarding this for updates.


BobH: Your fix of app_page.c works for me as well. Good work!

I need to do this. Can you tell me how to do the rebuild. I am not sure about the dependencies in Trixbox