Paging disconnects current call on snom 3XX

Running Asterisk, FreePBX 2.5.1, Paging module Phones are snom 320/360 running firmware 7.3.7.

Paging group is configured to ring devices (running in device/user mode).

When paging, the page comes through to the phone but the current call is disconnected.

I found some issues related to paging in the past and I’ve verified the settings agsinst the snom paging/asterisk wiki. Not sure what the issue may be. Suggestions?


The wiki for Snom indicates you should set the function key on the phone to use Push2Talk. Our testing revealed that if you just dial the extension associated with your ring group then the feature works fine. I believe this is because the snom modifies the SIP header information when Push2Talk is used versus FreePBX properly using the functions in the dial plan.

So FreePBX does it properly already, don’t use the Push2Talk feature.