Paging and Intercom - Phones not receiving "BYE" on quick pages

We are getting a number of reports of phones not hanging up when a user initiates an intercom page where the initiator of the page terminates it within 1 second of sending the command.

I performed a packet capture from a Grandstream GXP2160 and see the initiation from the PBX but no termination signal is sent to the phone from the PBX at any time. The phone ends up being the entity that terminates. The second to last attempt, we see the PBX properly send the BYE which the phone replies with 200OK. PBX doesn’t seem to be receiving the 200OK packet from the phone and maybe keeps the session open.

So what happens is the phones stay “off hook” and do not ring audibly for future calls until manually hung up. We also utilize an ATA for an analog speaker system and that too will stay off hook and unable to process intercom pages until rebooted. So we think it is an issue within FreePBX

I don’t see any mention of any of the module versions (since I’m pretty sure a problem just like this was recently fixed).
I also don’t see a FreePBX version, or if you are even using FreePBX until the last word in the post.
I don’t see any mention of whether you are using the commercial paging module or what.
I don’t see anything about VLANs (which I think were a problem at one point) or if the phone is local or remote.
I don’t see anything about if your hosting the PBX on your hardware or someone else’s.

There are a LOT of things that can cause this. Let us know more about the specifics.

FreePBX 14 (though we are also supporting some 13 distros).
I am referring to Paging and Intercom module, not paging pro.
No VLANs in use.
This is a hosted, offsite instance.

We forced our Paging and Intercom module to beta version 14.0.11 from 14.0.8 and problem appears to have stopped.

Cool. If you are using the Edge version, as soon as it clears QA testing, it will become mainstream.

Should this be passed on to Sangoma so they know there’s an issue with the current version of the module?

Like you said, 14.0.11 solved the problem. It was actually identified a while ago, and this is Sangoma’s solution. They’re probably good.

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