Paging and Intercom no longer working

Upgraded from FreePBX 12 to FreePBX 13 and my page groups / intercoms no longer work on 2 different servers that were upgraded. The phone no longer auto answer like they used to. Now, they ring once and the call is disconnected. I tried creating a brand new Page Group, and the same thing happens. I am using Grandstream GXP2160, GXP2170 and GXP1630 phones.

Did you happen to upgrade your phone firmware at the same time. A upgrade on the PBX woudl not change paging behavior of the physical phone.

No firmware has been updated. They have been on the same firmware for about 1 year. I have 2 brand new phones with recent firmware that are also having the exact same issue with a new paging group.

One of the things that was changed in paging is that we make sure the codec is set to ulaw. Is it possible that your phones have ulaw disabled?

The phones default to ulaw. I just tried this on another FreePBX 13 server that was a fresh install, not an upgrade. Using a Polycom VVX 600 paging to a Grandstream GXP2135 and it works. Going the other way does not. It rings twice and then disconnects the call when going from the Grandstream to the Polycom.

It appears that what info you are sending to the phones in the Page Group has changed. On the Grandstream phones, we have always used ‘Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info’ set to Yes, and then, ‘Custom Call-Info for Auto Answer’ we would put the Page Group extension number here. If I take out the Page Group number from the ‘Custom Call-Info for Auto Answer’ field, it now makes the ‘beep’ sound, instead of ringing. However, it immediately hangs up the call.

that could be but FreePBX sends the default headers that all phones use. Did you change the alert info headers on your phone.

Nothing has changed on the phones. The only thing that changed was upgrading from FreePBX 12 to 13.

A reboot of the server has resolved this issue.