Paging and Intercom: default announcement of concatenated files

I created a system announcement consisting of 4 concatenated files.

When I try to use the system announcement for the Paging and Intercom default announcement it fails to play with the following error:

[2014-05-29 17:19:48] WARNING[25781][C-00000007]: file.c:701 ast_openstream_full: File en_JAY/attention-required&en_JAY/time&en_JAY/for&en_JAY/talking-to-myself does not exist in any format [2014-05-29 17:19:48] WARNING[25781][C-00000007]: file.c:1017 ast_streamfile: Unable to open en_JAY/attention-required&en_JAY/time&en_JAY/for&en_JAY/talking-to-myself (format (alaw)): No such file or directory [2014-05-29 17:19:48] ERROR[25781][C-00000007]: app_dial.c:2762 dial_exec_full: error streaming file 'en_JAY/attention-required&en_JAY/time&en_JAY/for&en_JAY/talking-to-myself' to callee

I’m not sure whether to log this as a FreePBX issue or Asterisk as I’m guessing the Dial command ‘A’ option does not permit concatenation of files to play (Asterisk SVN-branch-11-r408201).

Sorry to not research further before posting but I’m a bit overloaded :frowning:

Did you miss the help message “Only non compounded recordings can be used”. Hover over the (?) next to “Page Announcement” and you will see.

Doh! Clearly not… apologies… and thanks.

Actually I replied before checking and no, I don’t. It says:

Announcement to be played to remote part. Default is a beep.


I also have Version and my pop up help text says.

“Announcement to be played to all participants when page is intiated. Only noncompunded recordings can be used. Default is a short beep.”

Regardless, of the spelling errors, the point is that unfortunately you will need to have a single file to be played in this instance.

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Since this comes from Page Pro, the version “” is incorrect. please state the page pro version.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear at the outset. I don’t have Paging Pro installed… only Paging and Intercom which is at


:slight_smile: Noted… but a tad overkill for my household of 4… Happy enough with Swift/Cepstral for now… oh, and Jay of course… as much as I love Ms. Keenan.

Announcement comes from Page Pro only. There is nowhere else it is defined. Are we talking about Paging or Parking here. Please provide a screenshot.

Nevermind. You didn’t clarify (or well enough) that this was in the general settings area. We have both been looking on the individual page section.

Sorry but as far as I was concerned there is only the general settings area where this can be configured so I didn’t feel the need to clarify. I’ll be more careful in the future and consider that there may be different references in other modules that I haven’t actually installed.