Paging and Intercom auto answer on Grandstream phone

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I have set up a group of phones in the paging + intercom module for freepbx. I want to add a grandstream phone to that group that will automatically pickup when called from that group. From what I found online I need to set “Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info” to yes but doesn’t say anything after that?


That would be it. You just need to set that parameter to YES and Intercom should work.

Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info

If set to “Yes”, the phone will automatically turn on the speaker phone to answer incoming calls after a short reminding beep, based on the SIP Call-Info header sent from the server/proxy.

Paging group required to pick up phone to hear page
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But what is the default SIP Call-Info header for the paging and intercome module? That’s where I seem to be stuck.


You don’t need to fill that, it will still work.

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Tried that but it just rings once and hangs up.


You should provide a call log

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