PagePro not disconnecting the call on a scheduled page

Hi i am using FreePBX with PagePro I have a scheduled page to play an recorded announcement. I am seeing the the announcement plays at the appropriate time, but the call never ends. I found this out using the bridge show command. I can use bride kick to end it, but it will not end itself…this seems like a bug, on a scheduled page, it would have to hang up itself, who else would?

should i put a bug report in for this?

One already exists.

andrew, which bug are you referring to? I just searched and I see one, but it was closed.

Sorry I dont have this offhand at the moment but it exists.

np, this is the one i found, but it was closed. i just want to make sure that it does not get lost in the shuffle. I was going to vote it up.

Andrew, did you ever find that ticket? i want to create a new one if you can’t because this is a real problem for me.


No. I didn’t search. It does exist just don’t have time to go looking for it at this moment.