Page Pro Single Day Time Group

We use our FreePBX system as a bell scheduler in addition to our PBX. We have our normal bell schedule set up as a scheduled page group in FreePBX. However, there are some days in which we have a special event, and would like the schedule to be different. We tried setting up a page group for these events, but the system will not let us put in the same day as the start and end of the “Schedule Range”. Is there a workaround for this, so that we can have a schedule page that only happens on one day?

For example, if we have an assembly on 2/15/2019, the Principal has to put in 2/15/2019 as the start date, and 2/16/2019 as the end date. Then they would set an exclusion date for 2/16/2019 so that the schedule will only go off on 2/15/2019.

Thanks in advance!

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