Page Pro - exclude dates - how to use time group holidays

I added several paging groups (Page Pro) with a weekly schedule and want them to stay quiet on holidays. Currently, I have to add all Austrian holidays to each group (exclude date) and update them every year. Wouldnt it be nice to be able to use an existing time group (holidays) in Page Pro?

Create a Time Condition with all Holidays, then a Time Group and matching times should go to your destination where you want to send to on Holidays, non matching set to the Page Group.
Then create a Virtual Extension or an Misc Application to allow dialing the page group through the time condition.

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FreePBX 14 has calendar support in pagepro and timeconditions

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Itzik and James, thanks!
I have three paging groups, which play an anouncement on a weekly schedule. In all cases, it is a different destination (extension). Creating an extra time condition/group just for every destination won’t solve the problem. Currently, I can already add exclude dates to every paging group. Yet, it would be nice to have just one holiday list to upgrade.
If freePBX 14 includes the timecondition feature in page pro, I am fine. Although, I don’t know, if I will upgrade soon…


I just realized that I can use one time group (=holidays) for several time conditions. Wonderful! Thanks, I will try it. :slight_smile:

I now installed freePBX 14 and really like the new calendar module, thanks. However, there seem to be a few bugs.

  1. when I use the “all day” button in the menu of a new event, this event seems to trigger nothing. I have to enter a time frame e.g. 0:01-23:59.
  2. when I pressed the “reoccurring” button for the first event, the standard setting is “daily”. I wanted it yearly, so I changed settings to yearly. Everything worked great…however, when I added the next event…and pressed the reoccuring-button “yearly” was already the standard setting…great, I thought…yet, when I pressed the submit button, the event was gone. It somehow showed up at the date of the last event I entered.
    Only if I changed the option “yearly” back to “daily” and back again to “yearly” did the second event show up at the correct date.

The new Page Pro module is great either, however you can only add a calendar, where events trigger a call…I have a holiday calendar I want it to stop calls on holidays…like in time conditions, where one can choose between destination-matches and destination-non-matches.

So, the workaround is very complicated…since Page Pro only shows extensions, one has to build a chain with misc-Application calling a Time-Condition, which calls a custom extension etc…and you need a custom extension, which calls the misc-Application…very complicated.

Could you please add non-match-calendars in Page Pro? :wink:

I don’t know how we would even program that.

thanks for your answer. Isn’t this a common scenario, where one does not want to trigger calls on holidays?

Maybe it is possible to add “Misc applications” to the device list in Page Pro. It would make things much easier and the chain much shorter?! :wink:

But you are talking about paging pro and not triggering a call? I don’t understand how you’d want this to work. What triggers the call to begin with? Normally the scheduler does this. So for holidays just don’t schedule it. Are you talking about blocking a call to the page group on a day? As calendar in paging pro is only for scheduling pages outward.

The events in Page pro are on certain days of the week. So I could add all the holidays to the exclusion dates but I want to link it to a holiday calendar within freePBX (exclusion dates > holiday calendar)

Is it possible?

If you enable calendar the dates you select above are discarded and not used. Calendar mode over writes the old dating format.

yes, I understand…
Therefore, it would be great, if you could connect the Exclusion Dates in Page Pro with a calendar. Every phone system needs a holiday calendar…and this holiday calendar I want to use in the page pro module, but not as a source for events rather as a source for exclusion dates.

Ok but the whole point of the calendar mode is to use that exclusively. The older settings are not there anymore.

Unfortunately there’s no way to combine the two.

So there is no way of combining exclusion dates and calendar…and there is no way of using holiday events in a calendar in Page Pro? I am somewhat disappointed :frowning:

Create a calendar and use that calendar. you can setup reoccurring dates. I am confused on why this appears to be so difficult? Calendar replaces the old way of doing things completely.

I already mentioned it above…
If there is a holiday, Page Pro should not page anybody! The calendar in Page Pro at the current state works the other way round. Page Pro should pause at certain events!

Ok. As previously stated there is no support for this.