Page Pro - Announcement message and then hang up. Is this possible?

Hello, I have purchased the Page Pro plugin because I thought it could do the following.

  1. Dial and extension
  2. Play an Announcement message over intercome
  3. Hangup the call

From my test, it does not hang up after the message but starts broadcasting the persons extension that dialed the page.

The question is: Is there any way to do this with Page Pro. If not what is the correct way?

I read these two post and couldn’t get a clear answer:

If you are using page pro module , what ever message you wish to broadcast keep that in the " Page Announcement" And you dial the paging number and once it start paying the message you can disconnect the call (originator). Then till will continue playing till end of the " Page Announcement" message , And it will disconnect the all paging.

Philip Joseph

Thanks for the reply. It seems like there should be an option to dial the number and it would automatically hang up the originator. I have notices there are quite a few people that would like this feature. Could that be added as a feature request to page pro module? Thanks

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