Page overrides Call

Hey, I’m using FreePBX 2.4 (newest 2.4) and ast 1.4.20.

Occasionally when a user pages, if another person is on the phone, it will put their call on hold and and the user will hear the page through the handset on the phone.

Also, if the phone is idle, sometimes a page will cause the phone to ring, rather than go through the speaker. Using Aastra 9133i’s with newest firmware, I have autoanswer set, and page is set to not override a call in freepbx.

Anything I can check? I’m not really sure what conf file would be useful to supply so let me know if I can provide any more info…

you say latest firmware but how about providing the actual version number please. Providing the actual numbers helps to clarify and helps those in the future who might have the same issue and come across this thread.

Starting with Aastra version (I think or it was the release previous to that) they provided the setting in the bios of the phone to enable or disable the interruption of a existing call with a page. I know there was some issues with it initially as it was showing as set but was not?

So have you tried to go in via the web interface and checked the settings? F
or a page to answer and not ring, auto-answer needs to be enabled.
if Barge in is enabled it will interrupt a ongoing call.
If “incoming call interrupts dialing” is enabled (a page is a call) it will interrupt a dialing sequence.

I don’t have access to our configs currently to tell you what the config file settings are for each.

Using firmware for aastra 9133i

I checked my web gui out, and actually I didn’t think about the barge-in for some reason… I am thinking that should fix it… it seems odd it wouldn’t do it every time, but I’ll let you know…