Page over Horn in Warehouse


Im just getting started with freepbx and I have it all temporarily set up with 2 phones.
When i go live with the system I will also need the ability to page people in a warehouse over loudspeakers or horns.
Will I be able to program a button on my phones that will allow this?
Also is it possible to have the incoming phones ring over the loudspeaker?

I was looking at a snom PA1 but I would also like the ability to have a buzzer or sound play at specific times such as a Break/Lunch Bell.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Algo and CyberData both have SIP Loudspeakers that could easily support your needs.

You can program almost anything to initiate a call to one of these and anything with a sounds can be played over them.

Thanks I’ll look into these.

We have a couple of Algo announcers. They’re a breeze to set up, work well with FreePBX and with the horn are loud enough to wake up in the staff next to the office it’s installed in… We should probably move that at some point. :slight_smile: