Page notification on outbound route - don't play callers conversation

Currently when someone dials 911 an email notification is sent out to a group of people. That part works great.

We’d also like the system to initiate a page - but only a page. When we select this option in the notifications tab of the outbound route the page does initiate and announces the extension that’s dialing and what number is being dialed but it also plays the entire phone conversation until the caller hangs up.

How can we get the system to just initiate a page when someone dials 911 (or any other number for that matter - our silent alarm buttons are configured to dial a non-911 number at the request of our local police department).

I thought perhaps I could use a ring group and include the emergency number and the paging group number with a pre-recorded announcement but the same thing happens - the announcement plays but it also plays the phone conversation.

Any help is appreciated.

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