Page Group calling the extension initiating the page

Latest ISO, everything updated to most recent stable.

Noticed that if I build a page group with default settings, the phone initiating the page now gets called by the page group, even though we have “busy extensions” set to skip. I’ve never seen this happen before on a page group.

This creates confusion for the user because it looks like they are getting a call.

I’ve now tried 3 or 4 different builds from over the last month. I can’t pinpoint when/how this changed, but it did. 5+ years never seen this behavior.

Everything PJSIP-- can’t find any setting that would cause this. Did something change with paging or is this a bug?

Just a couple of extra notes:

We see it on FreePBX 14 and 15
Yealink phones and softphones (Groundwire)

We think it’s TLS:

<PJSIP/4001-000003d1>AGI Rx << VERBOSE “Checking ‘PJSIP/4001/sip:[email protected]:12112;transport=TLS;x-ast-orig-host=’ against ‘PJSIP/4001/sip:[email protected]:12112’” 0

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