P370 New Firmware 4_7_1

Still no change to presence on phone being able to be changed or background image. @lgaetz and updates on these features on the P370?

We’ve got a few higher priority items to tackle before those come.

What about the visual voicemail bug that no longer plays voicemails and makes an outgoing call to sangoma connect? Is that one of the more high priority things you’re working on?

That’s not a phone bug. It’s an implementation detail inside FreePBX exposed by the utilization of multiple AoRs for a SIP Endpoint, of which a non-D/P-hone is one.

Any eta by chance when that will be fixed?

Negative. It has awareness. There are thoughts about how to best address it, without breaking the world, but they’ve not coalesced into the solution.

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Progress has been made. Things are in the works. Keep hanging on.

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Great! Appreciate the update!

Marked as resolved now with module versions
endpoint &
restapps &
voicemail 15.0.27 & 16.0.46

These module versions are still in the edge repo at the time of this post.

Have these moved to the main repo or still edge?? Im going to do these updates today and test. Thx

So Ive done all the updates. They are on the stable repo… I confirmed version numbers for the above apps as you noted match what you posted above… After the updates, VM do not play on either my P370 or Sangoma Connect. They show up on both, but when you click the Play button nothing happens.

My P370 no longer calls Sangoma connect when I click play like it used to. it just doesnt do or play anything… Same with when I try and play a VM in Sangoma Connect.

I did reboot FreePBX after the update and I did reboot my P370… P370 is on latest firmware…4_7_1… No updates for Sangoma Connect, I just checked…

Only way I can play VM is by VM to email… Or dialing into VM *97

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