P370 crashing and rebooting. How do I begin troubleshooting?

Installed 5 new P370s at a new install. They’re all crashing and rebooting. How do I begin troubleshooting?

Interrupt the boot process, factory reset them, update to a new firmware (there’s a web UI specifically for firmware at http://ip/firmware default credentials are admin/789), attempt to reconnect them to the server. If it’s still problematic, you might want to contact Sangoma’s support team.

I know the firmware is latest as of last week. I’ll try factory resetting when I’m on-site tomorrow.

What version, specifically?

P370 4_13_1

Does the P370 support logging? I know the D80s didn’t

remote syslog should work. I don’t want to provide log analysis and Support via these forums though - we’ve got a Support team

I created a case today, I finally got what I consider good PTSRs from the phone finally.

Case 01447692

I am also having this same problem with new P370s installed yesterday. I also have a case open with support (#01447365) but I’ll be following this thread to see what you might find. In my case, the phone crashes and reboots when on a call and another call comes in. It happens every time. I don’t know if there are other conditions that will cause it to crash. That’s the only one I’ve seen so far, but these phones were just installed yester/today.

There’s a beta firmware 4_13_3 here:

that might provide some relief. I’m not up to speed on what instructions you should follow inside EPM to load a non-EPM firmware onto a phone…it might mean emptying out the firmware slots that EPM is sending for the phone, and then reconfiguring or rebooting the phone, and then browsing to http://ip of phone/firmware and logging in using “admin” and whatever your EPM admin phone password is…I think it defaults to 222222…and uploading it that way.

@lgaetz can certainly provide a finer level of instruction.

To use a P series firmware not currently supported by EPM, you must provision the phone using a template with an unpopulated custom firmware slot. If the phone has zero touch enabled in the portal, you’ll want to disable it temporarily. Once that’s done, factory reset the phone and then manually update the firmware by browsing to http://phoneip/firmware. When the phone comes back again, set DPMA server details again and it will reprovision.

Per my case I submitted:

Engineering has said this issue has been found by another customer and resolved in the unreleased 3.14.0 firmware. At this point I’m trying to get an ETA on the release. I’ll let you know once I get more info.


That was the exact issue I was seeing as well.

Cases 01447692 and 01447365 should be resolved by the changes in 4_13_3.
4_13_3 has been removed from the beta folder as it’s now gone through testing.
It’s now in the regular location:

The change addressed a previously seen problem with one of our other platforms, and was already locked for 4_14 and greater.

We made a call last Friday morning and pulled it back to the 4_13-series and followed on the recent 4_13_2 with this 4_13_3 because it’ll still be a while before we complete the rest of our 4_14 work. So, I wouldn’t wait for 4_14…

There’s now a new EPM firmware bundle that includes 4_13_3.