P370 4_9_3 - Call Log Not Working

Ive been using/testing the P370 since it came out. Everything been working for a while now, I use it as my daily desk phone here in the office.

Upgraded firmware via EPM the other day to 4_9_3… Call Log is no longer working. Says no history. I make a call, still nothing in history. This was working just fine until 4_9_3 fw update…

Any ideas?

PBX Version:

PBX Distro:

Asterisk Version:

Fully updated

As an update to this, the issue with Call Logs not working was related to my LE Cert expiring on 1/15/23 and didnt auto update like its always done which is even more concerning…

Now that I got LE cert manually updated from the CLI after 5 tries, Call Log is working again…

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