P330 Boot Loop, can't get to Factory Reset

I have several P330’s I’m replacing on a FreePBX system (15.0.37, with Endpoint Manager) replacing other older phones. I have 2 phones caught in a boot loop, and can’t get to the point to do a factory reset.

I’ve tried hitting a key during the boot process, which shows “Reconfiguration is enabled”, but when gets to the screen to choose a Boot Server, no keys work to get back to the settings menu (it reboots anyway after about a minute). After that, it just continues to go through a boot loop cycle.

I’ve also hooked up to PoE adapter with no network cable just to power it up, and compains about no network, but again, none of the settings keys or anything seem to do anything.

Also hooked up to a network with no DHCP, no gateway, etc, and still, same symptoms.

I find these P-series phones very difficult to get working, unless everything is set up completely correctly. The usual “Factory Reset” to solve issues just doesn’t seem to be an option on these, and no way to factory reset through a web interface.

Am I missing something completely obvious? I generally have no issues getting new phones on a system, no matter the brand.

@hassler For the P31X, P32X and P33X, while the phone is booting and the Sangoma logo and graphic are displayed, press in order * 8 and 6 buttons until the text “Resetting to Factory Defaults” appears. When the phone boots again, it will be in a factory default state.

@jackcampbell Thank You, that works. Where is that documented? I was searching for something like that but never found it.

Hi Barry