P Series phones not an option in EPM

FreePBX Distro 15
Asterisk 16
Licensed EPM

Just got a P315 to test out and when I go to EPM there’s no option under sangoma for the P series phones.

You need to be on a very current version of EPM to see the P series. Try upgrading with

fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint --edge

currently at

running the edge update didn’t update it to a newer version:

[root@ashcorPBX ~]# fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint --edge
Edge repository temporarily enabled
No repos specified, using: [standard,commercial,extended,unsupported] from last GUI settings

The currently installed module Digium Phones Config [digium_phones] has been dep recated and may not be maintained in the future. This may cause security or func tionality issues.
Updating Hooks…Done
Chowning directories…Done
Resetting temporarily repository state
[root@ashcorPBX ~]#

this system wasn’t built 15 from scratch, it was upgraded from 13 (or prior). It still has digum and sangoma as separate brand template choices

Current edge version is If you’re on the free version you should be able to install using:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --tag

If using the paid version, you need to ensure your maintenance is current to access updates and support:

I am using the paid version and no it has not been renewed.

But that begs the question, if EPM is free for Sangoma phones, why do I have to renew to get support for sangoma phones?

On systems where I don’t pay for EPM and use only Sangoma phones, updates work fine as they all now show P series phones as an option.

There are all kinds of technical reasons.

It is $26/year. Just renew the support.

Alternatively, if you know you don’t need a paid version on this deployment any more, you can abandon the paid license and go back to the free track ensuring you will get free updates going forward.

“it’s just $26 a year”

For something that is free? Call me picky but that’s not an acceptable answer. I get less of something after paying for a 25 yr license than someone who paid nothing?

“Alternatively, if you know you don’t need a paid version on this deployment any more, you can abandon the paid license and go back to the free track ensuring you will get free updates going forward.”

@lgaetz I could do that yes but why should I? this license is on my office test system specifically so that I can test new phones (of all brands) and that’s what I’m trying to do, test out the new Sangoma P series phones. So, yes I accept the argument that I need to keep up the license to do that with NON sangoma phones (and so it’s prob what I will do) but honestly, if EPM support is free for Sangoma hardware then it should still be free for someone who actually paid for a full EPM license. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable ask.


Unfortunately the way the modules work you can’t just get updates with the Sangoma Phones without pulling all the other phones with it.

ok, technical challenges to be sure but do you see where this is maybe an issue logically?

I mean we put a man on the moon in the 60’s with less computing power than my cell phone has. I think there’s probably a solution here.

I wonder if it is possible for someone like @mwhite or your sales rep to bump your support date to today so you can upgrade. I would imagine doing so to give them hardware money may make sense
Disclaimer: I don’t know if that’s a thing

not getting into exact numbers (which I have discussed with my sale rep) between phones (which I use 99% D series), commercial modules and sip trucks I spend quite a bit with Sangoma every year.

So if the logic is that EPM support is free for phones purchased from Sangoma, then it should be free no matter what the situation is with EPM licensing.

That’s my line of thinking FWIW.


so I paid for the license upgrade…

Endpoint Manager
Expiration Date 2043-04-23 (Free Updates until 2022-06-10)

and yet in module updates EPM still has the “RENEW” flag on it and won’t get any updates…

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and just picking pepper out of fly poop here but…

" (Free Updates until 2022-06-10)"

how are they “Free Updates” if I paid for the license???


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Do the update license thing in sysadmin

Argue with the entire software industry. That is how many define support updates. You pay for a license and receive “free” updates until the license expires.

Well the license is for 25 years. It is the annual support fee that matters here. Each renewal means a year of updates and support.

yes I understand but then don’t call them “Free” updates. I’m PAYING for a year of updates.