P Series p325 parking and apps not working

New install with all P325 phones and this is the first time I’ve worked with the DPMA Apps. I can’t get the parking app to show who is parked. When on a call, I can park it with the horizontal button which works properly. If I go back to show parking lot, it wont show that call. If I dial the parked extension, it picks up properly.
Also since I’m new to these, I’m not sure the visual voicemail is working. I made a virtual ext for general voicemail and would like certain phones to be able to access. Like with the s series, I added the virtual ext to the VM app under the intended user, but the VM app on the phone just shows empty when theres a VM in it. I’m used to the S series phone where it lets you pick what box to enter.

I’ve looked through the wiki but have come up empty. Any info would be much appreciated.