Overriding a hint - how / where?

I want to “simplify” my hints. I have some users who might have multiple extensions in use - sometimes on one phone sometimes on many different phones - perhaps different outbound CID’s or other reasons.

Regardless of whether “Bob” is using extension 3001, 3002, or 3003, reception would like to know when he’s on the phone.

Monitoring / BLF is great, but that means 3 BLF are used for one user.

When I look at this doc: (removed cause I can’t post otherwise)

It seems I should be able to create a combined hint.

exten => 3000,hint,SIP/3001&SIP/3002&SIP/3003

Presumably I could also call this hint 3001

exten => 3001,hint,SIP/3001&SIP/3002&SIP/3003

Which would allow the SD function to call Bob back.

My trouble is that right now, I see FreePBX creates a standard extension hint in extensions_additional.conf
exten => 3001,hint,SIP/3001&Custom:DND3001

exten => 3002,hint,SIP/3002&Custom:DND3002

exten => 3003,hint,SIP/3003&Custom:DND3003

I’d like the option of overriding this programming like this:

exten => 3001,hint,SIP/3001&Custom:DND3001&SIP/3002&Custom:DND3002&SIP/3003&Custom:DND3003

resulting in all extensions being monitored through the same hint.

I know this works - I can hand edit the extensions_additional.conf and the test works. The question is how / where do I create an override section or a custom hint entry for an extension to allow me to make the changes persistent.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!


First, for what it’s worth, I have never had so much trouble using a forum. It says have to change my password and then that my chosen email is in use. So I made a new account, but now I can’t post the link to the related content so I’ll take it out. Wow.

You used the word ‘override’ several times in your post, you are going to kick yourself when you see the answer to your question is the file: