Override Time condition not staying

Recently upgraded to 6.12.65-32 and Asterisk

have time condition setup for call routing. During business hours incoming calls go to ring group after hours calls go to IVR. I have setup BLF on phones so users can override if they are in the office during off hours.

When I dial *272 gui shows ‘Temporary override unmatched’ and I see a corresponding NOTIFY message state ‘confirmed’ if i make an inbound call, it rings ring group.

about 20-30 seconds later I refresh the GUI and see override set to ‘no override’ and I also see a sip NOTIFY message state ‘terminated’ then calls go to the IVR for after hours.

If I go into the gui and change temporary unmatched it will change back after some seconds

Setting it to ‘Permanent Override unmatching’ state will keep the state