Override extension form IVR

We used to be able to override an extension dialed form the main IVR by using extensions_custom. Because we do not want any external caller to be able to dial the CEO we overrode their extension to instead dial to their secretary. A recent update (not really sure when it stopped working) changed the way the IVR is generated and it now uses READ instead of the regular BACKGROUND to read user input. This means that although the extension definition is present in the IVR (dialplan show [email protected]) the READ command does some testing and always sends the call to the CEOs extension and not the secretary.

Any ideas on how to restore our functionality? There used to be a boss-secretary module to handle this but it was deprecated a long time ago. Our custom dialplan was working fine until the changes to the IVR structure. How can we override a specific extension so we can forward it to another?

Have you tested the ‘legacy’ option for IVR input?

Thank you. Setting Force Strict Dial Timeout to NO - Legacy did the job.

Will this be a permanent option or will it be deprecated in the future?

I can’t recall exactly, but I believe the legacy option was added back after the changes were introduced for situations like this. I don’t expect the feature is going anywhere, but I was wrong once before.

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