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(Ken Yiu) #1

Prepend a text on a inbound caller ID does not work when the call is routed to a cell phone. I’m trying to discern calls on my cell phone that the call is coming from the inbound route.

I’m routing all inbound calls to my cell phone using with the “Misc Destination” feature. I enabled the CID prefix feature with the intention to alert me of the call is routed from my server. I prepend a text before the caller ID with the CID prefix feature. However, my cell phone show no discern-able difference from the routed calls to the regular calls.

Is there a way I can do this? I just wanted to see the calls are coming from the inbound route of my FreePBX.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

If the outbound caller id name shows in the CDR correctly, it’s leaving the system as expected. If the name is altered at the far end, the terminating provider is probably doing that, and is prob beyond your control. It’s also possible that the originating provider is stripping and substituting it’s own cid name for outbound calls.

(Ken Yiu) #3

I’ve tested the CID Prefix feature on an extension. The prepended text does show up on display. It’s likely the cell phone provider is stripping the prefix off the caller ID. Is there other trip I can do this?

(Tom Ray) #4

No. The provider of the destination has final say before sending to the user.

(Ken Yiu) #5

I’m switching to use the Follow-me feature instead…

(Tom Ray) #6

The result will still be the same. Doesn’t matter what method you use to make the outbound call, the other side will determine what caller name is displayed to their user.

(Ken Yiu) #7

In the Follow-me feature, a message to press the #1 key is required to answer the call. If no such message preambled then is not from my server.

(Tom Ray) #8

Ahh, you didn’t say you were going to use call confirm. That does make a difference.

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