Overhead paging / annoucement / music

I am looking for a solution to install in a super market

They want a system to play music and when paging is active the music will stop playing until the paging stop.

the system must have mutil zone paging

At predefine time the system would be about to auto play an annoucement.

Anyone here ever run into this type of request before?

I will be install an asterisk system for the store as the PBX but overhead paging /music / and auto annoucement is where is am stuck right now.

Any input would be very thankful.

The music/paging is two solutions. The paging amplifier will have a background music and a paging input. The paging input will mute the music when active.

The timed messages used to be done with recorders on the paging input.

Certainly you can program the PBX to send out announcements at intervals from pre-recorded files. It would be simple to make a little web page to manage the recordings.