Outside SIP Client - Non NAT

I would really appreciate any help on this if someone has an answer…

I have a FreePBX System configured up on my main network with a Firewall. All phones on the network are working great.

I just setup a remote phone on a Grandstream SIP adapter, and this phone is on a non-nat network with a routeable IP. The adapter is registering with the PBX since I have all ports for SIP forwarded properly on the firewall to forward to the PBX. When I try to dial this phone, I go directly to voicemail. When I try to dial from this phone, I get ‘All Circuits are Busy’.

If I issue a ‘sip show peers’ at the CLI, everything looks great except the Status shows ‘Unreachable’.

Does anyone know a simple way to get this working? If I use and X-TEN lite client outside, it works great, so I know that the Firewall is not the issue. I am thinking maybe it is something on the Grandstream adapter.

Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Ok, I got it to work…almost.

I added entries to the sip_nat.conf file for:


I call the extension and it rings. The other side can hear my voice, but I can’t hear them.

Anyone have any suggestions on this?


Anyone?? I would really appreciate even being pointed in the general direction.



I put together the following HOWTO. I think I remembered all necessary steps:

HOWTO Setup A Remote SIP Extension

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