Outpulse DID or DNIS

Have a question regarding setting up a PRI as pri_net in FreePBX Asterisk V1.8

I have an Asterisk / Free PBX setup as a front end to a Avaya Magix, the PRI syncs up and can be accessed by the Magix and dial into the asterisk, but from the asterisk to the avaya doesn’t seem to be working.

What I need to accomplish is to create an extension in the asterisk and route it to the avaya (Ext 21111 in the asterisk would route to Ext 111 on the avaya) What is the best way to do this? I have tried setting up Ext 21111 several ways, but doesn’t work. Is there something special I need to do to get the asterisk to outpulse the DID/DNIS 21111 on the PRI? I can tell the avaya to strip the first two digits (21) and use the 111, which would route the cal to Ext 111 then.

Thanks in advance Josh

Just use an outbound route for that digit (2111) pattern to the PRI trunk to the Avaya.

So by using and outbound route, the PRI in the asterisk will automatically know to outpulse those digits, or are you refering to Caller ID? I seem to be getting Caller ID across it, but not true DNIS digits as the call terminates at the operator on the Avaya? I have set up a custom extension telling it to use g2 (the PRI) which I have done both as Zap Trunk and Dahdi Trunk (I am still a bit confused by the documenttation I have found regarding the two.

If I understand what you are explaining, I really wouldn’t need to create and extension in the asterisk… just create and outbound route with the patter of 21111, and tell that to use the g2 trunk.

Everthing else I have up and working without to many issues so far.

Thanks for the help, Josh

DNIS digits are nothing more than the dialed digits. If you send a call out a trunk then the dialed digits will be sent (processed through the dial rules).

Trust me on this one.

Thanks, I was just doing some testing and think I know what you are talking about now… getting use to these route plans are tough for a tradition PBX fellow… but seems to make the system very flexible! Looks like I can prepend the number right in asterisk and only send what I need to the avaya!

Thanks Josh