Outlook saying corrupt pdf attachment from fax in trixbox

Sometimes, pdf attachments that are sent via fax arrive corrupted in outlook. The pdf is fine when opening it from trixbox server but is getting corrupted when arriving in outlook. We setup a virtual extension then an incoming route to that extension as a fax recipient. When looking at the email on the email server the pdf is fine, when opening it in outlook it is corrupted. Any ideas?

TrixBox ?? It no longer exists.

what does

gs -v

from bash return?

It is freepbx, not trixbox. Thinking it has something to do with the process that encodes the attachment then sends it to the email client.

Well, you actually SAID “trixbox server”

however you neglected to post

gs -v

Older version of ghostscript don’t write pdf files that good old M$ can actually read.

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looks like running version 8.7

That’s your problem you need 9